Join Rann Pharmacy In Protecting Our Community

Drug Disposal Program

Rann Pharmacy disposes of unsafe or expired medications in an environmentally safe way.

Protect Our Children and Our Environment

It is easy for children and young adults to get their hands on medications that are simply thrown away or left forgotten on shelves. This can lead to illegal drug sales, overdoses, and accidental deaths. It is important to properly dispose of drugs safely. Improperly discarded medications end up in our landfills and water supplies, potentially harming our environment.

What you can do to help?

Participate in our Drug Disposal Program. Everyone is encouraged to come to Rann Pharmacy and drop off any unused or expired medications. All medications with the exception of liquids and injectables are accepted regardless of where they were purchased. There is a drop box inside the pharmacy that is easily accessible. Help us protect our community.

Please keep medications in their original containers.